Level 1 Practice Outline


Source:  “Yoga Nidra”, Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Bihar School of Yoga, c 1983.


NOTE:  Personalized versions of yoga nidra can also be developed. Options are marked * below.

1.   Preparation: Lie in shavasana (corpse pose), eyes closed.  Stop movement, lie still, don’t sleep.

2.    Relaxation: Squeeze and release all muscles of each part of the body and relax in stillness.

Listen to external sounds and become aware of breath. Om/ breathing.

3.   Resolve: Make your own firm resolve/sankalpa.

4.   Rotation of consciousness: Right side. Left side. Back. Head. Front. Major parts. Front and back.

Right reverse side. Left reverse side. Whole back. Whole front. Whole body.

5.  Body Awareness: Body/floor. Body/mirror.

6.  Awareness of breath: At navel, 27-0. . . . .At chest, 27-0.  . . . . .At throat, 27-0.

Alternate nostrils, 27-0.   * Can repeat rounds.

7.  Sensations/feelings: Heaviness and lightness. Cold and heat.

8.  Inner Space: * Visualize screen/space in front of eyes and forehead. Float in inner space (chidakash).

Brain is in alpha wave mode.  Colors and patterns arise. Spontaneous thoughts.  Detached awareness.

Rapid Vivid Images: Quick series of deliberate and separate vivid images of familiar, natural, cultural images/scenes.

Associated unconscious memories and trauma can be released.

* Story Visualization: Examples such as park/ocean/mountain. Floating body. Ocean/well.

Eyebrow center/Om/golden egg. Well/golden egg.

* Golden Egg Visualization: Golden egg in the flaming light of chidakash.  Golden egg in the

center of the brain.  Seat of supreme consciousness.

9.    Repeat Resolve: Repeat your firm resolve 3 times. * Option: Visualize chosen deity or

divine image/candle/flame.  Concrete visualization strengthens resolve.

10.  Finish: Awareness of normal breath, body sensations, then to outside sounds.

Open eyes slowly and sit up slowly…

11.  Closing prayers:

Om asato maa satgamaya , tamaso maa  jyotirgamaya, mrityormaa amritangamaya”

From Untruth,lead me to Truth.   ..From Darkness, lead me to Light.

From Death, lead me to Immortality.

om shantih shanth shantihi”  Om Peace. Peace. Peace.

hari om tat sat”     Divine  Consciousness and Truth

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